Given that Omicron variant cases are doubling every 2–3 days, with the first Minister warning that it’s about to become the dominant variant in Scotland, the village hall must review its COVID-19 risk assessment.  We are asking all organisers of hall events to familiarize themselves with these policies, and ensure that all members of their groups are aware of them. We’re now obliged to make this a condition of hall hire. Given the new measures together with those already in place, we are not making use of the Upper Hall, but the Greater Hall and the Lesser Hall are remaining open at the moment.


  1. People are encouraged to take a lateral flow test before attending a hall event, or indeed a social gathering of any kind.
  2. Physical distancing at 2 metres has been re-introduced.
  3. The ‘three households’ rule has been re-introduced. Meaning that no more than 3 households are to be represented within a bubble at an event. Such bubbles are to be kept 2m apart.


  1. wearing of face coverings (unless exempt), and only removing them in order to eat, drink or take part in other permitted activities.
  2. Providing contact information for the NHS Test & Protect scheme.


Good ventilation, good hand hygiene, and regular cleaning of surfaces. The latest advice has stressed the importance of effective ventilation.

See further, our full policy statement via the website’s ‘Covid Policy’ button. This follows information provided by The Bridge (the village halls’ advisory body), and is regularly updated.