Credits and thank-yous

We are grateful to Diane Lumley for our logo design. Many thanks to Allan Drummond for contributing three beautiful banner images, two of which feature on the Home page and the other at the head of the Contact us page. The representation of the village hall is Allan’s artistic reworking of a photo originally taken by Florence Minnis, which may be found in the section Pictures & Memories: A hall for all seasons. Two more artistic views by Allan can be seen there.

The Home page’s photo of the hall set up for a wedding, together with the related video and other photos as included in Pictures & Memories: Events in the hall, are provided courtesy of Get Knotted wedding planners. To The Mainstreet Trading Company of St Boswells we owe the photos in that same section of Michael Palin, Jodi Picoult and Ben Fogle performing in the hall. A version of the Palin image also appears at the head of our Make a booking page.

The striking picture of the Village Hall surrounded by snow, taken by Jeff Mitchell during the severe winter of 2019, is © Getty Images and used with their permission. It is positioned at the head of the History: Hall changes and renewals page, and also included in Pictures & Memories: A hall for all seasons.

For the rest, we drew on materials from the Village Hall’s archives, used as found though with technical enhancements by Douglas Oliver and Alastair Minnis. These were supplemented by items kindly provided by current villagers, especially (in alphabetical order) Mark Douglas, Roy & Christine Lawrie, Christine Little, Alastair Minnis, Florence Minnis, Douglas Oliver, Scott Smith, Louise Taylor and Kate Warner. The text throughout the hall’s webpages was written by Alastair Minnis.

We are grateful to all concerned. If someone spots a mistake or an inadvertent omission please contact us via Old pictures of the village and its hall are always welcome.

The website’s Community Council section is the sole responsibility of the Council. Here the text was written by Charles Strang, and its photo gallery draws on John Pollock’s pictorial archive of events. Any query should be addressed to the Council secretary, at