All Lit Up at St Boswells Village Hall

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February 18, 2015 by stboswellsvillagehall


As you may have read in the Southern Reporter, and experienced if you attended St Boswells Live! on 24th January, we are delighted to announce that a state of the art, low energy lighting system has been installed in the Village Hall.

For the technically-minded, a new system is now in place that allows up to 144 lights to be rigged up and controlled from one central desk, using a creatively-planned infrastructure based around DMX signalling technology. The fixed lighting rig in place, available to all hall users for a small fee (please enquire via the BOOKINGS page), consists of 6 centrally-mounted ETC ColorSource PARs, two ETC Selador D22s as a central stage spot, and two more ColorSource PARs stage side. There are further stage fixings and outlets, as well as control outlets to the floor for lighting the Main Hall for events such as parties and weddings.

The system was expertly installed by Black Light of Edinburgh over a period of less than 3 days, which was an incredible achievement considering the architectural challenges of the Hall.

We are looking forward to the system being used for all sorts of events in the future. If anyone is interested in getting training on the system, or just having a look then please enquire as above.

The local press write-up can be found via this link (opens in new page).

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St Boswells Village Hall
Jenny Moores Road
St Boswells


If you can, please donate to the ongoing upkeep of the hall by using the Paypal link below.


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