Village Hall gets Connected

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January 15, 2015 by stboswellsvillagehall


Two wonderful additions have now been made to your Village Hall, one of them can’t be seen – unless you know where to look – the other is most definitely visible.

The visible change is that the Main Hall now has a set of Stage Curtains, again provided by Pirn House Interiors, the new curtains provide essential segregation between the main floor area and the stage while the stage is not being used, with the added bonus of acoustic damping from the huge amount of material, leading to a better performing environment visually, practically and audibly.

The invisible change is the addition of Wireless Broadband. We knew at some point the hall would need such a facility, and the generous sponsorship of Graeme Mitchell at Lowland Financial has made this possible. Initially operating at a maximum of 6Mbps (fibre speeds are a lot more expensive), the wireless signal covers all areas of the hall, plus quite a way beyond – we’d be interested to see the furthest that anyone has been able to pick up the StBoswellsVillageHall network!

The network is always on, so if you would like to use it then please contact a member of the Village Hall Committee, or make a request through your booking. Happy Tweeting / Facebooking / eMailing etc…

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St Boswells Village Hall
Jenny Moores Road
St Boswells


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