Renovation Update 4

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January 31, 2014 by stboswellsvillagehall

Progress is rapid at your Village Hall. Things sound a bit dramatic, so if you aren’t sure what is going on then go to to take a look at the plans at the Renovation Project page, which will help you understand the scale of the changes being carried out in this first part of the project.

renovation 12New walls going up in the toilets area

renovation 11Concrete beams (steel ones also) to ensure the building stays up for another 120 years

renovation 10Outside blockwork for the new stairs

As of mid-week, all the steel beams needed for supporting new structures are in place inside the building. The scaffolding is now up on the west side of the building, ready for the roof vents going in. The stud work is almost all up inside, although there is still some plaster boarding to do. All the block work is now complete: the gents toilets windows are blocked up and the new stair block work is complete. This is great because these areas were weather critical.

renovation 14Insulation starting to go in

renovation 13Upper Hall floor is being raised to make it more usable and permit the new stairs to go in.

The raised flooring in the upper hall is being fitted, as are the apertures for the new stair, – the contractors hope to fit the stairs by the end of next week. The roof insulation is now being fitted in the main hall and will be completed very quickly. Observant viewers can see the first fix electrics already in the main hall roof trusses. The access for the cellar is also now in place.

renovation 15Outside scaffolding in place so the roof vents can be installed

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