Renovation Update 2

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January 16, 2014 by stboswellsvillagehall

As of Wednesday (15th January) evening, the area for the new Lesser Hall layout is fully visible. The kitchen wall has been removed. Most of the work required for fitting the large amount of steel joists has been done. The new layout for the gents is now fully visible. The vestibules at the fire exits are gone.
renovation 4Where the stairs used to be

renovation 3Gents toilet, probably an improvement

Those observant folks amongst you will have notice that the Hall clock stopped turning at 10.30am on Friday. This was because all the electrics have now been disconnected and the hall is running on temporary site power now. All the electrical fittings have been stripped out, and the boiler is isolated. We have had one hiccup. The builders uncovered a rather large old gas pipe where the back stairs are going – British Gas have been very swift to respond and the pipe has been removed.
renovation 5From the former ladies toilet into the Lesser Hall

renovation 6Now that is a LOT of roof insulation!

Watch this space for more news about YOUR Village Hall.

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