Climate Challenge Bonanza

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August 31, 2013 by stboswellsvillagehall

This month, St Boswells Village Hall received a huge boost to the refurbishment project with a successful application to the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund.  £174,383 brings our current total to nearly £300,000.  There are conditions attached to the CCF grant and this money will only be released to the Hall management Committee in stages when these conditions have been achieved.  Outcomes expected from the CCF are:-


– To cut hall CO2 emissions by 23.20% from 11.27 tonnes to 6.41 tonnes, a saving of 4.86 tonnes annually.

– To improve community facility to provide more congenial & comfortable surroundings for village activities & to attract more village participation.


– To cut CO2 emissions by 0.34 tonnes per household per annum in St Boswells by helping local people to save energy through changing their behaviour at home.

To enable us to achieve this goal we need to promote within the community of St Boswells energy saving ideas and measure the outcomes of those with monitoring energy use with before and after readings.  We already have local people signed up to monitor their energy use and this will be an ongoing project.  If you would like to have a trial period of monitoring your energy use and contributing to this important part of the CCF funding please contact the St Boswells Village Hall Committee.

At the Village Hall during August 2013

  1. Architect appointed.
  2. Full survey completed and detailed sketch proposals developed and submitted to committee
  3. Special committee meeting held on 27/08/13 to review proposals; outcome reported back to architects
  4. M&E (Mechanical and Electrical Consultant) developing detailed proposals for energy efficient lighting and controls
  5. Informal discussion held with Building Standards over proposals prior to Building Warrant being submitted.

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